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Stacked Tires




I'm cheryl and I upcycle tires. I take old tires that would've ended up in landfills and i create beautiful, fun, functional home furnishings.


As a young girl I was always frugal and thrifty ( still am!). this has no doubt led me to the world of upcycling. the thought of taking something that others consider waste and giving it a second life just fits my personality and values. 

I started with just painting tires and attaching a cushion. I couldn't stop there. No, my mind is always thinking, "how can i do this better?" i've been experimenting and creating tire furnishings for over five years and have brought upcycling tires to a whole new level. 


My studio is located in northeast ohio. i've sold my creations all over the country and now i'm focused on teaching others how to upcycle tires through online courses. the reason is simple. the more people i can teach how to create their own masterpiece from a tire, the less tires end up in landfills. It's a win-win for everyone!

thanks for your interest in what I do. I hope to see you in the classroom.




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