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Let me show you how

The secret is out! I'm sharing all the tricks I've learned while upcycling tires. I've put a complete tutorial on how to make a custom tire swing and will be adding more tutorials. Simply click on the YouTube link below to go to my channel.    When you get to my channel please subscribe so I can continue to bring you new tutorials.

YouTube tip: go to the playlist to have all the videos in order!

swing (1).png

go to youtube and subscribe for step-by-step tutorial

Are you ready to make a custom tire swing? One that will add fun and beauty to the back yard? I'm here to show you how. I've made a complete step-by-step video tutorial for you. In 8 modules you'll learn all the tools and supplies you need, how and where to find the perfect tire, what you need to clean and prep your tire, the best way to add the fabric to the tire, how to make and attach the cushion and all the finishing steps from adding the hardware, rope and trim. 

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