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Are You Trendy or Stylish?

It's a new year and you know what that means, yep all the magazines and social media experts are telling us what the 2022 trends are. From color to fashion to home decor they're telling us what's coming and what is on it's way out.

I do enjoy checking out what these "experts" say the new trends are. It's more nostalgic than anything. I'm pretty sure fashion repeats itself every 20 years. Let's be honest, this is their job. These experts keep the home improvement stores in business. Everyone finishes up the new trendy look from shabby chic to farmhouse and then bam!@# along comes a new trend.

The older I get the more I realize that style is where its at. Surround yourself with home decor that makes you feel good, colors that make you smile and fashion that reflects who you are. The more you know yourself the more evident and concrete your style becomes.

Occasionally your style and trends will collide and then all of a sudden your the cool kid on the block. I have to say 2022 is one of those times. Yes girl, some of the trends this year are - Bringing the outdoors in, curved furnishings, homework rooms, mindful spaces, sustainability and bold patterns and colors. Well how does my style fit into trends? Let's take a look.

Bring the outdoors in? Well how about a terrarium table? Loaded with rocks and plants, it's an amazing piece made with a motorcycle tire, this table is sure way to bring the outside in. Think of other ways you can design this table to reflect the outdoors. How about a blue tire and the the tray filled with sand and seashells?

Did someone say "curved furnishings?". What could be more curvy than this elegant victorian style ottoman with a velvet cushion? Just look at that vintage trim and those antique gold castor wheels!

It's a crazy time and sometimes we're not sure if school is in or if we have to go virtual. Well the design trend of homework rooms is a plus. What teen wouldn't want to do their homework in this comfy chair and ottoman set? This fun ottoman was made from a 4-wheeler tire and is topped with a silky, curly pillowtop.

We will see more spaces that have personality and personal ties to interests, hobbies and pleasures of its owner." — Marie Cloud, Indigo Pruitt Design Studio

I'm pretty sure this swivel coat rack made from a lawn mower tire fits in the trend of "mindful spaces"

With your toddler in mind, a place to hang his coat, and put away his toys. Can you think of designs that would be great for a girl? I know I can.

Let's talk sustainablitly. The thought that this old tractor tire is now a country style ottoman amazes me. I can only imagine the wear and tear this tire has gone through and now, instead of heading to a landfill it's a fun, functional, and unique piece of furniture.

When it comes to bold colors and patterns, I'm pretty sure this fits the bill. This old car tire has been transformed with bright waves of color and a red tassel trim. Topped with a red pillow and on wheels this little piece of furniture is sure to make any room bright and bold.

So there you colliding with trends. Watch out 2022 this girl is stylish and trendy!


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