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Design with Purpose

I used to love going shopping for home decor. Looking for something that would jump out at me that I could envision in a space in my home, all the while looking for a bargain. Something that would reflect who I am and what I’m about. Pieces that would make my house be my home.

Times have changed.

Now when I go shopping I look more for inspiration. I look to see how pieces go together and how colors and textures come alive. I love the legs on this table and the texture of the fabric on that chair. The knob on this drawer and the shape of that mirror. The patterns on this wall and the color of paint on that door. I take note of how they make me feel and when I have those “aww” moments.

Then the process begins. The creation process.

Looking at things I already have and upcycling to create something else.

Something that has meaning and purpose all the while not adding more textiles or furniture to the landfills. The more I do it, the easier it is to see.

Yeah, an old tire, a swivel stool sitting in the corner of the garage, leftover fabric from a pillow I made for my grandson, and a canvas bag that was in a stack of “I’m going to use that someday”. A little spray paint and some magic and a whole new piece of functional, fun, unique furniture are made. Yes, a dinosaur playground on a swivel base.

The process can sometimes be challenging. Creating something from what others consider nothing is so rewarding to me. I’ve always been one to think outside the box. This seems to come naturally to me and I hope by sharing what I do I can inspire others to do the same. Yeah, design with purpose.


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