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Summer Garden Tire Swing

Summer Garden Tire Swing

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This tire swing is sure to be just as beautiful as any lower garden. Made from a full size tire this swing is topped with a soft cushion covered in duck canvas for outdoor protection. The vibrant floral pattern is coated with an outdoor sealer. The 1" manilla rope runs all the way through the tire and knots at the bottom to add a floating fringe and the macrame pouch hangs from the side for a book or your phone. 


It's recommended to hand on a porch or gazebo for extra protection from the elements. If you live in an area of extreme weather it is recommended to store it during the winter months.


Swing includes hardware and rope and is ready to hang. The hardware holds up to 2000 lbs and the ropes up to 1025 lbs. The tire measures 26"x26" and 18" high. 

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