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making a difference

taking tires that would have gone to landfills and creating fun, functional furnishings.


are you ready to create? let me show you how! free tutorials on youtube. 

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pet bed

dogbedw (1)_edited.png

This old harley davidson tire is now the perfect bed for your dog to take a nap. i'm in love with the bright dog portrait design that makes a this such a unique dog bed.

coat rack

transcoatrackw (1)_edited.png

look what you can do with a used lawn mower tire. yeah, that's right, an old lawn mower tire. a one-of-a-kind coat rack for that little guy. a tray on top can be used for hat, gloves or toys.


transparentcowgirl (1)_edited.png

What better use for an old tractor tire than this ottoman. Wouldn't this be a great addition for a mud room or in the corner of any room in a little ranch home! it's sure to be a conversation piece no matter which room it's in! 

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